As the third generation businessman of our family, to be in the milling industry since my childhood has become a life style for me. Corporate tradition and our comprehension of discipline in the company has been and is continuing to be the keystone of our success. In our management approach, being open to new ideas and our marketing strategy are irreplaceable criteria for us because these parameters will figure the future of our business. It is obvious that companies who have a marketing strategy are more successful than companies who don’t have, which has been verified with quite a number of examples on the earth.

With this consciousness;

  • The key factor is human being. We provide education within and outside the company.
  • From the security staff to top management, all members work with the approach “quality is the duty and responsibility of all of us”.
  • In the supply chain, any employer of a process is considered to be the customer of the preceding process. So, everyone shows the necessary effort to deliver his part faultlessly to the next process.
  • Everybody in Molino Inc. is responsible for the quality.

With this horizon; as Molino family we have put our signature under a lot of prestigious projects within our country and abroad, and with our sustainable success we will continue to be the pride of our country.

Vice President