During the 1950’s, deceased Salim Alaybeyi has continued his commercial and industrial life with wheat, bakery and milling trade until 1964. At that time he sent his son Dr. Ömer Lütfi Alaybeyi to France to pursue his license and master studies in milling. After his graduation, Dr. Ömer Lütfi Alaybeyi decided to establish Molino to put his first step into the food processing equipment manufacturing industry.

Molino, who started its business activities in 1965 in a 240 m² store, and now operating in an area of 54.000 m² of which 30.000 m² is covered, where it realizes the requirements of its clients has become one of the main food processing equipment suppliers.

Having a 65 years background and know-how, operating with more than 500 employees worldwide, having a successful quality management system, the execution of R&D support, the establishment of turn-key projects and the professional approach in after sales services has lead MOLINO to become a well-known brand in the food processing equipment manufacturing industry.

Molino has a wide-range of production activities i.e. Food City Complex, Roots Pumps (Blowers), Civil Works and Steel Construction Buildings of Food Processing Plants, Grain Storage Systems (Steel & Concrete); Seed Cleaning and Pulses Treatment, Ship loader and unloader, pneumatic conveying systems, dense phase pneumatic conveying systems, mechanical transportation systems.

Molino feels proud of contributing in the economy of Turkey by transferring its quality and experience to other countries in Europe, Middle-East, Africa and even in more geographies.

With the expertise and the effort of its continuously learning team, rapid development trend, its successful projects and being the first company which exported milling machinery, Molino has become a leader company in its sector.

Being an ISO 9001 QMS and ISO 14001 EMS certified company, Molino is committed to continue its activities with its proven quality, technological innovations and varieties. Being aware of the responsibility driven by this commitment, Molino will continue its development and offer its best service to fulfill its client’s requirements.

We thank you for choosing us.