Our quality aims;

  • Meeting the presale and after sale requests and expectations of our customers in the most optimum way;
  • Sustaining the development of our company;
  • Increasing our market share and competitiveness.


To attain our aims:

  • Customer satisfaction is essential for us. For this reason, we show the necessary attention and care to the opinion, request, and suggestion of our customers,
  • We ensure the improvement of the Quality Management System continuously,
  • We always seek to be convenient with the conditions of our customers,
  • We control all activities, follow-up the effectiveness of our activities and provide the continuity,
  • Quality is the prior condition in our activities,
  • Our personnel perform activities according to a determined plan and regulations,
  • We prevent all types of tret and losses,
  • We continuously improve our quality in order to fulfill the conditions,
  • We develop continuously the awareness and knowledge level of our personnel,
  • During our activities, we show the necessary sensitivity concerning environment protection,
  • We follow innovations, and adopt ourselves on time to this innovations,
  • We cooperate with our foreign suppliers regarding quality,
  • We motivate our personnel concerning working ambitiously for “quality” and we imbue with “quality is the duty and responsibility of all of us”,
  • Everybody in Molino Inc. is responsible for customer’s quality requirements.