Since 1965 we are operating in the food processing equipment manufacturing industry and started our activities in a 240 m2 store. Now we are going on with our activities with a more modern and comprehensive factory in 54.000 m2 area of which 30.000 m2 is covered. Trends and challenges in the food processing industry require innovative facility solutions and a food processing equipment producing partner who’s responsive, experienced and efficient. MOLINO Inc. continuously upgrades itself on customer requirements and has the capacity to develop the designing and manufacturing techniques. That is the task of Molino as your leading partner. Our company is mainly specialised in the designing, production and installation of machinery and equipment for the food processing industry.

Molino is working with a professional and successful team which has sense for responsibility to satisfy its customers’ requirements and to deliver the best quality without changing the company values. Over our more than 55 years history, food processing has changed tremendously; decade after decade, processes, equipment, types of food, packaging, distribution, safety requirements and quality control have evolved. So, we as Molino Company adapt our marketing strategy to new technologies and new approaches. MOLINO’s fully integrated team knows the industry, its trends and challenges. Whether the project is the transformation of an existing operation or the design and construction of a new facility, our fully integrated approach ensures efficiency in every phase of the project. We combine our customers’ requirements with our experience, knowledge and what we believe to meet their needs.

Following activities are in the scope of works of Molino Inc.:

  • Food City Complex;
  • Roots Pumps (Blowers);
  • Civil Works and Steel Construction Buildings of Food Processing Plants;
  • Grain Storage Systems (Steel & Concrete);
  • Seed Cleaning and Pulses Treatment;
  • Ship Loader:
  • Ship Loader (Mechanical)
  • Combined Ship Loader & Unloader
  • Ship Unloader (Pneumatic)
  • Ship Unloader (Mechanical)
  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems:
  • Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying
  • Mechanical Transportation Systems.

We want to thank everyone who has been contributing and supporting us during our long journey.