Our main environmental policy goal is to not harm the human health and the environment in all processes and to use sources very efficiently, to develop the used methods continuously with an ecological approach in an innovative way to ensure that the harm to the environment will be kept at minimum and even zero whenever possible during the entire process.

We cooperate and exchange information with our stakeholders to contribute in spreading the environmental responsibility within the society concerning the protection of the environment.

To be successful with our environmental activities;

  • We stand firm with the fulfillment of the legal obligations,
  • We prioritise the prevention of potential unfavourableness to the environment at every stage of our activities,
  • We develop the knowledge and the consciousness level of our personnel,
  • We continuously improve our environmental success,
  • We ensure the prevention of pollution and the protection of the environment,
  • We ensure the execution of waste reduction, recycling, reassessment studies and the rational use of natural resources,
  • We improve continuously the environmental management system in order to increase the environmental performance,
  • We aim to protect the natural environment without damages and impairments caused by our activities, products and services,
  • We practice energy conservation,
  • We imbue our personnel with “environment protection is the duty and responsibility of all of us”.