We are a valued organization engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying Food Processing Plants & Equipment to our esteemed clients. Heading with this concept, Molino Inc. developed its own project called “Food City Complex”. The Food City Complex Project is very vital and important covering all main foodstuff production range within one complex. By setting up all those plants in one complex, we create management facility, low operational costs, low labour costs, save residues/by products as well as increase the quality and competitiveness of finished products.

The production plants in the Food City Complex Project are as follows:

  • Grain Storage Facilities;
  • Wheat Flour Mill;
  • Biscuit Flour Mill;
  • Semolina Mill;
  • Animal Feed Mill;
  • Paddy Processing and Rice Flour Mill;
  • Maize Flour Mill;
  • Sorghum Flour Mill;
  • Millet Flour Mill;
  • Pasta Processing Unit;
  • Bread and Bakery Plant;
  • Biscuit and Wafer Plant;
  • Chocolate Plant;
  • Confectionary Plant.

Other facilities in the Food City Complex Project are as follows:

  • Laboratory Equipment;
  • Workshop Equipment;
  • Generator & Transformer;
  • Control Room for Truck Park;
  • Entrance Gate;
  • Sampling;
  • Weighbridge and Weigh house;
  • Restaurant;
  • Administrative Building;
  • Main Security;
  • Main WC;
  • Road infrastructure;
  • Shopping Centre;
  • Fuelling Station;
  • Social Facilities;
  • Helicopter Pad;
  • Lodgement;
  • Health Centre;
  • Nursery and Children’s park;
  • Fire Station;
  • Observation Tower;
  • Overground Water Storage Tank;
  • Road Infrastructure;
  • Environmental Landscape.

The content of the food city complex project and the capacity of the above mentioned plants can be changed according to the request of the client and/or the domestic consumption of that specific country.

Molino Inc. proposes to the client its own financing facility.

Please contact our experts for more information.