Since 1965, Molino has been a big, healthy and consistent power behind the food processing equipment manufacturing industry in Turkey.

Being the President since the establishment of the company, I am proud of our gained success and our high performance. The success we have achieved in reaching our current level in the food processing equipment manufacturing industry has to be evaluated considering economic and political uncertainties, radical changes in a macro- economic system and in a competitive environment.

With our strong management team and financial structure, we have completed hundreds of turn-key projects abroad and in Turkey. Being a follower of new technologies has helped us solving difficulties easily and create solutions for our clients.

Molino started its first export to France in 1981 which caused it to be named as “The first Turkish machine exporter in its industry”.  Exporting to a European country which is highly developed in the milling industry meant an honor for Turkey.

We have maintained our leading position in the food processing equipment manufacturing industry with our R&D studies and our continuously developing marketing strategy. I believe that following years will encourage more hope, and as usual, we will share our successes with our staff and clients.

Dr. Ömer Lütfi Alaybeyi