Molino's galvanized steel silos for grain storage are produced by advanced technology and designed to respond all types of material storage. All MOLINO storage silos and conveying equipment are designed to meet material storage and material handling needs.
High quality and extremely strong materials are used during the production process of the silos. Galvanized steel sheets used in the production of the silos are able to withstand 450 MPA vertical stress. Special galvanize plating is used for superior corrosion resistance, the standart galvanized plating of the sheets is 450 gr/m² zinc coating and 350 gr/m² zinc coating according to the customer's request. Molino is able to offer flat based grain steel silos available in diameters from 4,51 m. up to 31,60 m.

Molino's silo roof is one of the strongest silo roofs available. Molino's roof is designed to stand up to snow loads, strong winds, temperature cables and heavy loads of rooftop transporting equipment. The inclination of the roof is 30 degrees which provides optimum filling of the silo. Special sturdy cross section structural roof is used to reinforce the strength and durability of the roof of grain silos with wide diameters.
There are special vertical sidewall stiffeners on the silo surface which are designed to carry vertical stress load coming down through the silo to provide maximum durability. Molino's vertical stiffeners provide excellent transfer of constant grain loads to the foundation. On the graph you can see vertical stress load value differences between the silo, both with and without vertical sidewall stiffeners.
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