Technical Spec.

The VALEK is a machine that helps roller milis and plansifters. So the VALEK is a combination of these machines.

At first, our engineering group wanted to increase the capacity on the existing milis, in the same time to obtain high quality finished-product. First step was rehabilitation of equipments; especially on roller-mills and plansifters.

- Housing : Completely made out of metal.
- Beater : Three pieces, they are fixed to the rotor shaft and have four vertical arms .
- Bearings cover : They have been handled very sensitively, the bearings are two row and self-aligning balls.
- Cylindrical coat : Consists of two parts ;
- First part made by cast-iron , and many teeth are placed on the intemal side, this part covers 1/3 (one/third) of circumference, and positioning of this part has required sensitive vvorking.
- Second part consists of a perforated sheet and it covers 2/3 of circumference.
- Motor and pulley : Pully mounted to the shaft by key fastening. Number of machine and electrical motor specifications are variable according to the milis.