Air – lock valves are used to discharge from the cyclone separators and feeding into pneumatic conveying pipes of grain, granular and powdered products, etc...
Also pneumatic conveying plants working with negative pressure as well as air seal on cyclones and filter dust collectors.
The airlocks are manufactured with great precision; they can therefore achieve the highest degree of separation in cyclones.
It works generally under pressures varying from a few mm of water gauge to 2500–3000 mm.
The valves consist of a casing, a rotor mounted on a steel shaft rotating on all bearings, and two side supports, which also have the function of seal covers. These parts are made out of high quality iron castings. The gaps between the stator and the rotor are adjusted very sensitively.
There are various possibilities of driving the locks; either via gear motor with couplings or with chain. Several air-locks can be coupled together.
Practically no special attention or lubrication is needed because of the self – lubricating bearings.

Technical Spec (Type 1)
Technical Table (Type 1)
Technical Spec. (Type 2)
Technical Table (Type 2)